This Monsoon Strengthen Your Defence Mechanism

Published by Faisal Sonde on

Blog by Dietetics Department

Monsoon is round the corner, be extra careful to keep things clean. Wash all eatables thoroughly well before consuming. Well cooked foods are the best options over too many raw foods in monsoon.

On a rainy day hot tea, soups, curries, pulses are recommended.

When otherwise using raw fruits and vegetables wash them well, chop them to check insect before consuming.

  • Eat your local food, the lesser time from farm to your table, it is better health.
  • Avoid consuming food from the road side stalls especially pre cut fruits, juices.
  • Water is of important concern. Please use clean water for drinking; boiled/ purified.
  • Hands should be well washed every time you touch food.

The damp conditions in monsoon invite a lot of diseases and if your immune system is weak, you catch the infection immediately. Body’s immunity can be enhanced by adding nuts, spices, herbs, seeds, ginger, garlic, turmeric, methi dana to your cooking.

Have a Safe Monsoon!

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